There is an emphasis on being healthy at modern day. People have come to realize that good health translates to fewer medical costs and an overall sense of well-being. As such, people are on the lookout for simple ways in which they can better their lives. With the coming of health and fitness apps in the market, monitoring one’s health has become a breeze, and people can easily break away from their bad habits over time. The best health and fitness apps on the market are those geared towards counting calories, showing people how to exercise and tracking people’s activities. Here are some of the best options at present.


We are what we eat. This saying is entirely accurate, and people who eat healthy dishes are more energetic and far less likely to develop lifestyle diseases as compared to those who survive on junk foods. This health app is excellent for anyone looking to monitor what they eat by filtering out the foods that are bad for the body. This nutrition app features thousands of meals, categorized under different grades based on how healthy they are.

Other than showing users what foods are suitable for consumption, it also monitors how much water one takes, as well as how much one conducts exercise activities. There are lots of recommendations on what to eat, and there is a forum on which you can post ideas and interact with other people using the app. If you have a hard time making the right food choices, this is an excellent place to start.


Other than being physically fit, good health also calls for one to be psychologically sound. One way in which you can achieve a balance between the inner and the outer states of health is by embarking on a meditation journey where you get to focus on your psychological needs. This app offers its users various programs which differ on their use, length, and features. There are some sessions which are lengthy and great for evenings where you have adequate time to reflect on your spiritual needs. There are also short sessions which you can make use of when you find yourself in a situation where immediate calm is necessary. The good thing about headspace is that users get notifications during the day to remind them to chill out, which can be helpful in stressful environments.

Home workout

home-workoutWith peace of mind and the right foods at hand, all that remains is a way to maintain your physical fitness, and this is where this workout comes in. Back in the day, people relied on going to the gym for a workout or using a video to help guide them in the steps. Times have changed, and people lack time to pop into the gym and sweat out the extra calories. Home workout allows you the convenience to work out at any time and any place.

This app features a collection of workout sessions, and you are free to choose which one works best for you. The great thing is that none of the featured activities requires that you have workout equipment. Activities featured include warm-up sessions, stretching exercises, strength training and weight training. There are numerous videos to help you out with the techniques as you go about the activities. One good thing about this workout is that you can view your progress as you move along and you can set it such that you receive notifications as to the times you should work out.

The levels of difficulty change with time and you can start off with the basics and work your way to the expert levels. This app is quite affordable and is a great way to save money on equipment as you exercise your way to a leaner body.
Gone are the days when people had to leave their homes for them to get advice or sessions relating to good health. With the tap of the download button, you are set to lead a healthy life at low costs. Start your journey today!